“Healthiest or healthier ” Junk Foods with “alternatives”

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What is “Junk Food”

Top 10 Deliciously Unhealthy Foods

Top 10 Worst Foods To Eat

Why is junk food unhealthy? – Ask Coley – Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi


Nutrition The 15 Unhealthiest Junk Foods in America .healthline.com/
“…”Junk food” refers to processed foods that have little nutritional value. Indeed, some may contain downright harmful ingredients.

Unfortunately, these foods are typically tasty, inexpensive and widely available.

However, research suggests that frequent junk food consumption may lead to food addiction, overeating and obesity (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source).

Here are 15 of the unhealthiest junk foods in America…”


List of the Most Unhealthy Foods in the World

Common in the American diet are processed foods that contain high doses of fat, sugar, sodium and calories, with little nutritional value. In addition, other harmful ingredients such as preservatives and trans fats make these foods even more damaging to the human body. Some of the most unhealthy foods in the world include high-sugar cereals, sugary coffee drinks, canned soup, margarine, soda, processed lunch meats, ice cream and frozen french fries.

Healthy Food Vs Junk Food Song! – YouTube
https://www.youtube.com › watch

“Healthier Versions

How to Eat Junk Food That’s Actually Healthy


Junk Food VS Healthy Alternative: WHICH IS BETTER?

Kid-Friendly Junk Food Alternatives August 25, 2017 nurturelife.com
“..We’ve put together our favorite kid-friendly, healthy alternatives to junk food to help you decide which options are best for you and your family. ..”

5 Alternatives to Junk Food

-> Veggie Burger

-> Sea Food

20 Foods That Are Bad for Your Health healthline.com/
‘..Here are 20 foods that are generally unhealthy — although most people can eat them in moderation on special occasions without any permanent damage to their health…”

*see Breakfast: Healthiest & “Unhealthiest” Cereals? foodsofallkinds.wordpress.com

7. Pastries, cookies, and cakes


If you can’t stay away from dessert, spring for Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, or dark chocolate…

“.. 13. Ice cream
*see Dessert-Snack: Various Ice Creams and related frozen treats! foodsofallkinds.wordpress.com


It’s possible to opt for healthier brands or make your own ice cream using fresh fruit and less sugar….”

WORST Snacks & Healthy Alternatives- Chips & Cookies! Weight Loss Tips, Nutrition Info

Healthy and Delicious!!

Kids Appealing!

Homemade Snacks for Kids – 6 Healthy Kids Recipe Ideas!

3 Easy Snacks Your Kids Can Make On Their Own

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Restaurant Spotlight: Olive Garden

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What’s your favorite Italian or non-Italian dish at Olive Garden?



Sal: I personally pick out the croutons..

10 Foods You Should Never Add to Your Salad eatthis.com


Crunch consciously by sprinkling on nuts rather than white bread croutons, which are “void of any nutritional value,” Taub-Dix says. “For some healthy crunch, try adding a variety of nuts. Not only are they composed of healthy fats but they also add a hefty dose of protein. An ounce of almonds, for example, provides around six grams of protein.” (About the same amount of protein you’d find in an ounce of cheese or chicken.)..


Get your salt fix by adding a few pickle slices rather than bacon, Taub-Dix recommends, to limit the extra fat. But since pickles are still high in sodium, “slice them thinly and disperse them throughout the salad,” she says…”



Pasta Noodle Dishes

Healthier Options

The 15 Healthiest Olive Garden Meals You Can Order Meg Dowell | More Articles

May 9, 2017 cheatsheet.com
“…Looking for something light and healthy to eat tonight? You can’t go wrong with fish. Olive Garden’s grilled salmon is high in protein and healthy fats, and it’s also low in calories and carbohydrates. The garlic-herb butter doesn’t add too many calories or too much sodium, either. You’ll only consume 460 calories and 8 grams of saturated fat for the whole meal. The dish also comes with broccoli, which adds some fiber to the mix. And bonus: it’s gluten-free…

3. Stuffed Mushrooms Appetizer…

9. Grilled Vegetable & Cheese Piadina..

..13. Tilapia Piccata..

How to Eat Healthy (ANYWHERE!)
“..Eating healthy when traveling can be a challenge, if you are not prepared. In this video, I share with you my tips for eating healthy on the road throughout the day. I show you the exact things I ate during a recent trip to Wrestlemania 31 for work. From breakfast foods to lunch and dinner options, as well as a supplement packaging trick that helps me to stay consistent with my diet wherever I am…”

NO (carbs) Pasta
*see Health: How to “fight” Diabetes? goodnewshealthandfitness.wordpress.com


“Oakdale Minnesota

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“Disclaimer: No part of this site is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. Nothing on this site is to be construed as medical advice; the authors are not doctors. Please discuss your personal health, including any options or ideas you may read on the internet (on this site or others) with your personal, qualified health practitioner before making changes to your diet or adjusting/discontinuing any medication. We are not responsible for any adverse outcomes associated with using or misconstruing advice or information on this site. THANK YOU for stopping at our site! May you find what your looking for and “God speed” to good health and prosperity!”

Drinks: Various Milk Beverages

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rBGH (hormone) Milk

Why You Don’t Want rBGH (rBST) in Milk – No More … – YouTube

Holy Cow: Why rBGH-Free Dairy Matters Sarah Lozanova October 11, 2017 earth911.com
“Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), or recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), is a synthetic growth hormone that has been commercially available for 20 years. This seemingly promising drug was developed by agricultural biotech company Monsanto to boost milk production by up to 30 percent. Unfortunately, what seemed like a dream come true for farmers had unwanted side effects in humans and dairy cows alike.

Dairy cows injected with rBGH have a significant increase in health problems, including udder infections (commonly treated with antibiotics), a greater risk of lameness and serious animal reproductive problems. Some studies have linked rBGH use to a variety of human health effects, such as tumor development, and prostate, breast, colon and other cancers..”
*see Health: Cancer-Causes, Preventive, Treatment, and Healing”
Health: Cancer-Causes, Preventive, Treatment, and Healing

Guide to rbGH-Free Dairy Products – Center for Food Safety … centerforfoodsafety.org
“..Some U.S. dairy farms inject the genetically engineered hormone rBGH, also called rBST, into their cows to boost milk production—so be sure to purchase products with a label that indicates cows free of rBGH or rBST. ..”

-Milk Shakes

Non-Cow’s Milk

The Magnificent Milk Myth … Debunked | Brooke Miles | TEDxWilmington

“Countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis”

The Hidden Dangers of the “Milk and Cookie Disease” | Julie Wei | TEDxWilmington

*cause of “acid-reflux” Health: How to deal with “acid reflux” goodnewshealthandfitness.wordpress.com
& Health: Alternatives to “processed” sugar for your “sweet tooth”? goodnewshealthandfitness.wordpress.com

This is the healthiest milk for you – YouTube

“..Hindustan Times
Published on May 20, 2018
Full fat, whole cream, double toned milk – if the different types of dairy milk were not enough to confuse you, today you also have nut-based and plant-based milks. As the vegan community grows in number, almond milk and soy milk have also seen a surge in popularity. “Milk is a high-quality protein, due to presence of all essential amino acids. These amino acids are required for tissue building and repair, playing an important role in immune function, taking part in various biochemical reactions and are vital for metabolism. Protein from dairy helps reduce muscle breakdown post exercise, due to its rich amino acid profile,” says Swati Bhushan, chief clinical nutritionist, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai. According to Bhushan, a glass of milk (200 ml) is packed with approximately 6 – 7 grams protein and 200- 300 mg of calcium, meeting about 30 – 50% of our daily requirement of calcium. Naturally occurring calcium from dairy products is readily absorbed by our bodies. Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth, plays an important role in improving bone density and in turn decreases the risk of osteoporosis…”

Goat Milk

Goat Milk Benefits Are Superior to Cow Milk November 22, 2018 By Rachael Link, MS, RD draxe.com
“..Goat milk is a type of milk produced by goats. It’s high in many essential nutrients and is a good source of vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin and more. It’s also rich in medium-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids are a type of heart-healthy fat that is associated with a wealth of impressive health benefits…”

What are the health benefits of Goats Milk? St Helens Farm sthelensfarm.co.uk

“..The difference between cow and goats milk

More of us are becoming increasingly aware that cows’ milk may not suit us and have started to seek an alternative that is better suited to the needs of our body. Goats’ milk is nutritionally closest to cows’ milk than other alternatives and yet it has certain physical properties that set it apart, which may impact on digestibility and health1. Many people who perceive they have issues with cows’ milk can drink goats’ milk without any problems, and even say that their symptoms (such as eczema; asthma; bloatedness; constipation; digestive discomfort and catarrh) are reduced or go away altogether. More comprehensive scientific research is needed to confirm these anecdotal benefits, but there are a number of studies that have focused on the differences between the two milks.1,2,3,4,5..”

13 Proven Benefits Of Goat Milk To Boost Your Health … – YouTube

Dairy Free

The 5 Healthiest Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives by: Yuri Elkaim yurielkaim.com
“..Many holistic healthcare practitioners advise against including dairy in your diet (myself included), and suggest using alternatives to milk instead.

But on the flip side, we’re constantly told that dairy is the best source of calcium on the planet.

As a result, it’s become one of the most frequently debated health and nutrition tips: Should you really be avoiding cow’s milk?

Calcium is a mineral we need for healthy bones and teeth, not to mention a healthy cardiovascular system. But is cow’s milk really the best way for humans to obtain this nutrient?

Let’s find out by taking a closer look at how cow’s milk works in the body. ..”

Top 5 Healthiest Milk Alternatives
1. Almond Milk

Since almonds are a great plant-based dietary source of calcium, they make an ideal healthy milk alternative…

2. Coconut Milk

Coconut is what I refer to as a “clean and lean” fat because it’s from a plant-based source, and is rich in essential fatty acids…

3. Hemp Milk

Hemp makes another great milk alternative to dairy, and is extremely rich in plant-based protein, and omega 3 essential fatty acids. Omega 3’s aid in digestive health, and aren’t found in cow’s milk, unless the cow has been grass-fed. (And even still, the amount of omega 3 fats found in hemp hearts are superior to dairy products.)

4. Rice Milk

Rice milk is an ideal milk alternative for those who are sensitive to cow’s milk and nuts. While it’s lower in protein than nut milk, it still offers plenty of B vitamins and minerals such as selenium and manganese.

5. Cashew Milk

Cashew milk has become another popular alternative to cow’s milk because of it’s versatile, creamy texture. Cashews are also a popular plant alternative to use in recipes for vegan cheeses and other mock-dairy recipes.

The 5 Best Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives – YouTube
“Yuri Elkaim
Published on Nov 18, 2013
Cow’s milk isn’t the health food we’ve been led to believe. What’s the healthiest milk alternative? The answer is delicious – and nutritious. For a deeper look at cow’s milk and its healthier alternatives, visit the blog here: https://yurielkaim.com/healthiest-mil…..”

Best non dairy milk? w/ Riyadh K

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Healthiest Meal: Breakfast for “Diabetics”?

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Top 10 Diabetes Breakfast Mistakes To Avoid – YouTube

10 Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics By Christel Oerum on July 1, 2018
Recipes diabetesstrong.com
“…All of these recipes are delicious and diabetes-friendly, so try a few and let me know which one is your favorite (of course, if you know that you just want pancakes, you can take a look at my favorite diabetes-friendly pancake recipes instead.)..”

Tasty Solutions for Diabetes Breakfast Menu part 1 – YouTube

What to Eat for Breakfast When You Have Diabetes By Debra Manzella, RN | Medically reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, MD Updated April 27, 2018 verywellhealth.com
“..Studies have shown that eating a larger, higher fat and higher protein breakfast may actually help to reduce blood sugars and weight. The likely reason is that these types of breakfast choices are lower in carbohydrate. Some people with diabetes experience higher blood sugars in the morning because the liver breaks down sugar overnight and the cells can also be a bit more resistant to insulin at this time…

Also, studies have shown that blood sugars tend to rise after breakfast meals, two times higher than after lunch. High post prandial (after meal) blood sugars can result in carbohydrate cravings because, instead of using sugar for fuel, it is remaining in the blood stream and the body thinks it needs to eat sugar (or carbohydrates) to fuel itself. Another study found that healthy adults who consumed a standard 50 g carbohydrate (for example, 3/4 cup cereal with 1 cup milk and a 1/2 banana) meal had their highest peak glucose (sugar) after breakfast, lowest after lunch, and moderate after dinner.

Perhaps this is a good reason to try a lower carbohydrate breakfast. It’s worth a shot. So, ditch the bagels, cereal, muffins, and pancakes, and try one of these best breakfast picks.
Grilled Peanut Butter and Strawberry Sandwich

Instead of grilled cheese make a grilled peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread. The peanut butter gets nice and gooey too which makes it delicious. Chop up a few strawberries for added fiber and sweetness. The combination of protein and fiber will help you to stay full and satisfied.


1 whole grain bread sandwich thin (make sure it has at least 3 g of fiber)
1 1/2 tablespoons all natural peanut butter
1/2 cup sliced strawberries

22 Healthy Breakfast Plant-Based Foods For Diabetics – List – YouTube

The Balanced Plate – Diabetic Breakfast – YouTube

Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics – YouTube



diabetic jam or jelly | diabetic recipes | step by step | healthy recipes

How to Make Tart Cherry Jam Without Sugar : Recipes for Diabetics …

How To Prepare Jam 100% Sugar-Free – DIY Food & Drinks Tutorial …

Sugar Free Blueberry Jam Recipe – YouTube

Diabetic apricot jam – YouTube

Health: How to “fight” Diabetes? goodnewshealthandfitness.wordpress.com

Good News Foods

Fast Food: “Healthiest: Lowest Sodium Items”

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Low-Sodium Menu Items at Fast-Food Restaurants Sara Ipatenco livestrong.com
“…since too much sodium increases your risk of heart attack and stroke, limit your consumption to 1,500 milligrams or less per day, the American Heart Association recommends. Fortunately, you have options that let you eat a fast-food meal without consuming an unhealthy amount of sodium…”

10 healthy meals to order at fast food chains March 8, 2017, 5:39 PM CST / Source: TODAY By Keri Glassman, R.D. today.com

“…1. Burger King: Original Whopper Jr. without mayo.

If you’re craving a burger, don’t go for the salad! You’ll just end up eating large fries next to it. Instead, go for this smaller version of the classic burger and keep it simple. Yes, it has 390 mg of sodium, which is definitely not low, but it’s also a whole lot less compared to the other burgers on the menu that have upwards of 1250 mg! Also, since it also has only 160 calories, feel free to order a side salad with it…”

Low Sodium Fast Food: Your Best Options fastfoodmenuprices.com
“..Many popular fast food joints have started catering to the health community – including things like gluten-free, dairy-free, and heart-healthy items on their menus such as fruits, veggies, and grilled or baked meats. Luckily, low sodium foods are also being offered as part of the movement.

So before you write off your favorite fast food joints because you’re on a low sodium diet, check out the list below…

If you play your cards right, there are plenty of options on the McDonald’s menu that remain under 500 mg of sodium, including:


• Scrambled Eggs (2) at 180 mg
• Fruit & Yogurt Parfait at 80 mg
• Cinnamon Melts at 370 mg
• Fruit & Maple Oatmeal at 160 mg
• Hash Browns at 310 mg…”

20 Best Low-Sodium Fast Food Orders, According to Dietitians By Perri O. Blumberg
January 9, 2019
“…“The FDA considers a food product ‘low-sodium’ if it contains 140 milligrams of sodium or less per serving; however, it isn’t realistic for fast-food entrées to go that low,” advises Ysabel Montemayor, MS, RD, lead nutritionist at Fresh n’ Lean, a healthy meal delivery service. “With that being said, [if you’re looking for low sodium fast food], I’d choose items that are less than 20 percent of the FDA’s 2,300-milligrams daily value (DV) recommendation based on a 2,000 calorie diet.” That comes out to 460 milligrams of sodium per serving…

Subway’s 6″ Veggie Delite…

Chick-fil-A’s 8-count Grilled Chicken Nuggets

Taco Bell’s Fresco Crunchy Taco with Beef

Arby’s Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider (Without Cheese)

… 20. Panera’s ½ Napa Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich + ½ Seasonal Greens Salad…

Can I Eat Low Sodium at Panera Bread? hackingsalt.com
“…Salads operate the same way as sandwiches, you need to stay at a half salad to get a lower sodium option. Also remember these counts are not including the dressing. The Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad is the best choice. You can even eat a whole salad for only 300 mg. Dressings need to be ordered on the side, and then only use half of the dressing cup they give you. If you do that, then the Reduced Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette is the best choice at 55 mg…”

The 10 Best Healthy Foods at Panera self.com
“5. Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad With Chicken

“With only 340 calories, this salad is one of the lightest and most nutritious options on the Panera menu,” says Clark. “Packed with greens, fruit, nuts, and chicken, it covers all the major food groups without a lot of sodium like other Panera salad options.”

Per one serving: 340 calories, 13 g fat (1.5 g saturated), 280 mg sodium, 31 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 25 g protein..”

Fast Food Restaurants

5 Fast Food Restaurants Where You Can Eat Low Sodium on Buzzfeed October 19, 2015 by Christopher Lower hackingsalt.com

1‘.. McDonald..

It’s a good thing they added #Alldaybreakfast, there are low sodium choices. The Cinnamon Melts are 370 mg. Did you know you can custom order unsalted fries? They’ll be hot every time! Get the full nutrition list here.

Can I Eat Low Sodium at McDonald’s? May 21, 2015 by Christopher Lower hackingsalt.com

2 Taco Bell

3. Subway

4.. Panera Bread

5. Chipotle


Taco John’s
Nutrition & Allergen Information
“Crispy Taco 290mg

The Healthiest Subs and Food at Quiznos By Jennifer R. Scott Updated January 28, 2018 verywellfit.com
“…..only healthy fat then you’ll need to download and examine an entire Quiznos Nutrition Info pdf ( see http://www.quiznos.com/Librarie/PDFs/NutritionalInfo.sflb.ashx). No time for all that planning? No problem, just choose a few of the healthy, low-calorie menu items listed below to keep your diet on track…”

Quiznos Nutrition Facts. Calories, carbs, fat, sodium … – MyFoodDiary® myfooddiary.com

Nutrition – Dairy Queen dairyqueen.com

Can I eat Low Sodium at Wendys hackingsalt.com
“…Chicken, Wraps, & More:

The Ultimate Chicken Grill as a sandwich is 930 mg, but if you custom order the chicken breast alone it is 540 mg…”

The Healthiest Food to Eat at Wendy’s stack.com

.”…If you want to know how the restaurant keeps Wendy looking so thin for its logo, follow us through the menu as we bring you the healthiest items we could find…”

Nutrition and Health | Wendy’s wendys.com/

Can I Eat Low Sodium at Jimmy Johns – Hacking Salt hackingsalt.com

Let’s start with the bread. An average roll, or the bread used for their Club Sandwiches is between 200-400 mg. You can knock that right off of any sandwich in a couple ways: the first is simply cutting the sandwich size in half, and the second is ordering an Unwich, where they wrap the sandwich in lettuce, instead of bread…


The 2 lowest sodium options to order are:

Roast Beef at 440 mg

Roasted Turkey Breast at 530 mg..”

Jimmy Johns Nutrition Chart fastfoodnutrition.org

Can I Eat Low Sodium at Burger King May 10, 2016 by Christopher Lower hackingsalt.com

What 11 Diet Experts Order at Burger King By Daisy Melamed
January 20, 2016 eatthis.com

Veggie Burger

“…“It’s great that a premium fast-food spot now offers veggie burgers. I’d go for a BK Veggie Burger, sans mayo. With five grams of fiber and 21 grams of protein–the same amount of protein in a Whopper–this 240-calorie lunch will stick to my ribs through the afternoon, but won’t be lingering on my waistline. And, with only about one tenth the saturated fat as a Whopper Sandwich, the veggie burger won’t be sticking to the inside of my arteries, either.” — Libby Mills, MS, RDN, LDN, National Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics..

…I would go with a Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich–hold the mayo–that comes in at 290 calories and only one gram of saturated fat…”

Burger King Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information A Nutrition Guide to the Burger King Menu for Healthy Eating nutrition-charts.com

5 Healthy Meals at Arby’s—Including Bacon By Eat This, Not That! Editors
February 29, 2016 eatthis.com
“…Eat This Instead!

Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad
230 calories, 13 g fat (7 g saturated fat), 780 mg sodium
Get your hit of poultry plus 23 grams of protein—minus the trans fats and the hunk of fatty bread. This is the healthiest order at Arby’s, and one of the most delicious. And bonus, it has bacon!


Nutrition & Ingredients – Arby’s arbys.com

The Healthiest (and Scariest!) Menu Items at Qdoba washingtonian.com
“…But the free-flowing system can be a double-edged sword–expansive possibilities mean you have the freedom to tailor a perfectly nourishing lunch, but it can also be overwhelming to have so many choices at your fingertips (especially when they aren’t all good for you)…

To stay on the healthy side of any menu, pile on the veggies, exercise some portion control, be careful with the extra toppings, and flex your substitution power.

“The biggest thing to remember when you’re walking in is that you can ask for anything–the worst they can do is say no,” Wipfler says. “You should be able to get smaller serving sizes, or substitute beans for meat. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want to make your meal healthier.”..

Healthy Choices at Qdoba

…Tacos with flour soft tortilla, shredded beef, roasted chile corn, salsa roja, lettuce and fajita vegetables. 1 taco – Calories:195. Fat: 6. You could get the “Pick 2” option, get four tacos, eat two now, and save the other two for lunch tomorrow if you want to be healthy AND cheap!..”

Qdoba Nutrition Facts. Calories, carbs, fat, sodium … – MyFoodDiary® myfooddiary.com


High Sodium In Fast Food – The Top 5 Saltiest – YouTube


21 Healthier Fast-Food Meals webmd.com
“…Hey, it happens to the best of us. When you’re hungry and have only a few minutes (or a few bucks), fast food calls out to you. Yes, fast food is higher in sodium than it should be. Yes, fast food tends to be devoid of fruits, vegetables, and fiber. But, there are some healthier fast-food options out there. You just need to know how to order…”

Healthy Fast Food Meal Choices! Under 500 calories … – YouTube

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure – YouTube

*see Medical: Is your blood pressure too “low” or “high”? goodnewshealthandfitness.wordpress.com

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Dessert-Snack: Various Ice Creams and related frozen treats!

cream, Dessert, Frozen, ice, related, snack, treats, Uncategorized, various

20 Outrageous Ice Cream Sundaes from Across the U.S.
By Lauren Donaldson, Sienna Fantozzi and Hannah Doolin delish.com


-Ice Cream Cake

Prepared at Home

-Banana Split


14 Best Brand Name Ice Creams for Weight Loss eatthis.com
“..All of them come in at 150 calories or less per serving and have no more than 6 grams of saturated fat or 17 grams of sugar. For some context, most frozen treats average around 25 grams of the sweet stuff!..”


Halo Top, ‘the healthier ice cream’, may not be good for you, nutritionists say

Is Erythritol a Healthy Sugar Alternative? The Lazy Person’s Guide dietvsdisease.org
“…In one review, erythritol was shown to decrease dental plaque, oral bacteria, and the overall number of dental caries compared to xylitol and sorbitol (3).

In a clinical study of 485 school children over a 3-year period, the use of erythritol decreased and prolonged the development of dental caries when compared with other alternative sugars (4).

On the other hand, another study found that erythritol had no effect on plaque or oral hygiene when compared to other sugar alcohols (5)…


Many people report GI distress, specifically nausea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and increased gas when consuming erythritol.

However, of all sugar alcohols available, erythritol is shown to cause less of these negative symptoms due to its small molecular size….

Summary: Erythritol and stevia are comparable sugar alternatives, though stevia has a few more health benefits. Honey is another great natural sweetener with many health benefits.


Erythritol is a good choice if you’re looking for a calorie-free sweetener that looks and tastes similar to table sugar.

It’s also a great sugar alternative if you have problems with blood sugar regulation.

The few negative side effects of erythritol are minor, avoidable or need more research to prove.

You may also want to consider natural sugar alternatives like stevia.”

you will never eat this ice cream again, sickening results! – YouTube

Mr EastCoastMan
Published on Jan 21, 2016
You have to watch this video it shows a detailed look at four brands of Ice cream showcasing the good and the bad and you will not believe how horrible it turns out for Breyer’s.

Why We No Longer Eat Breyers Un-Natural Ice Cream homemadehints.com
“..I was disappointed, but how could I have imagined that this giant ice cream manufacturer that plops hundreds of thousands of gallons of ice cream into coated card board containers was making each carton with love and real commitment to all-natural ice cream and to world peace. Oh yes, forgive me. Tara gum is defined as a natural ingredient by the USDA…”
Ice Cream’s Identity Crisis De Gustibus By DAN BARRY APRIL 15, 2013 homemadehints.com

“..You might ask what the difference is between ice cream and a frozen dairy dessert, and I might answer that it is the same as the difference between a slice of American cheese and a slice of Kraft Singles American Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product. Since this is not helpful, we turn to a spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration, the guardian of “standards of identity,” who explained the distinction in a written response: “Ice cream requires specific levels of milk fat content, nonfat milk solids content, total solids in each gallon of ice cream, and total weight in each gallon of ice cream, while frozen dairy products do not.”

In general, ice cream has at least 10 percent dairy fat, and a frozen dairy dessert does not. In my freezer, the Breyers vanilla fudge twirl frozen dairy dessert has the ubiquitous corn syrup, and the Breyers vanilla ice cream does not.

Why, Breyers, why?..”

Toxic Ice Cream – Mamavation mamavation.com
“..So what kind of ingredients and additives are in your ice cream? Let’s take a look at the both top culprits and controversial additives that you can find in popular ice cream brands today…”
*seecomparison list on best, better, and bad!


11 Organic Ice Cream Brands to Try This Summer
Renee Spillane
University of Virginia
July 12, 201 spoonuniversity.com
“Here’s a breakdown of the organic ice cream brands that I found and how I think they stack up in the flavor department. ..”


THE BEST VEGAN ICE CREAM | taste test – YouTube

Brands mentioned: Nada Moo, Snow Monkey, So Delicious


Homemade Ice Cream Recipe (No Machine) with only 2 Ingredients – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Good News Foods

Various Kinds of Beans

beans, kinds, of, Uncategorized, various

10 Fascinating Bean Facts from Crescent Dragonwagon’s BEAN BY BEAN blog.workman.com
“Beans: They’re magical! Not only are they delicious, but they have many health-giving properties, and their numerous varieties can be put to a seemingly infinite number of uses…

3. Bean carbohydrates have been proven to drastically improve the stability of blood sugar levels in diabetics. Many adult-onset diabetics have been able to greatly reduce or eliminate their dependence on insulin through diets containing substantial amounts of beans…”


The Different types of Beans – Type and Variety Comparisons

“.. Angus discusses types of beans and the best varieties to grow. Includes pole beans, bush beans, fava beans. Advantages and disadvantages to types. ..”



Green Bean Varieties and
Types of Green Beans
“..Green bean varieties come in bush and pole types. Both bush and pole beans have dozens of cultivars, from broad, meaty Roma types to thin and delicate French filet beans (haricorts verts). Pods can be round or flat, and come in multiple colors: green, purple, yellow, or mottled. ..”


Types of Legumes
“..The legume family of plants includes pulses which are the dried seed of legumes. The word pulse comes from the Latin word, puls, which mean the seeds that can be made into a thick soup. Well known dried legumes include chickpeas, beans (includes butter beans, haricot (navy) beans, cannellini beans, red kidney beans, adzuki beans, black-eyed beans and soybeans), peas, lentils, lupins…”







6 Healthiest Beans You Can Eat
“1) Navy Beans: The Heart Helper Beans, beans they’re good for your heart. When they came up with this song, they must have been thinking of navy beans. Navy beans have the most cholesterol-clobbering fiber of any bean at 10.5 grams per 100-gram serving, plus tons of potassium. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that a high-potassium diet helped people lower their blood pressure more than just limiting salt. 2) Garbanzo Beans: The Diabetes Destroyer If sugar is your villain, let garbanzo beans come to your rescue. Also known as chickpeas, garbanzos are high in fiber, which helps stabilize blood sugar, lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. Garbanzos can be eaten whole and added to salads and soups. Mash them and you have the main ingredient in hummus. Hummus comes in a variety of great flavors and can be eaten spread on crackers or used on sandwiches as a healthy swap for mayo. Always look for a hummus that uses olive oil—or better yet, make homemade hummus. 3) Lentils: The Cancer Crusher 4) Red Kidney Beans: The Anti-Aging Agent 5) Black Beans: The Brain Booster 6) Soybeans: The Muscle Builder…