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Rice types
A glossary and more

By Pat Tanumihardja
August 16, 2013
“..The shelves at my local supermarket are lined with dozens of different kinds, varying in color (white, brown, black, red) and shape (short, medium, long) and flavor (jasmine, basmati, and so forth). Still, this is only a fraction of what’s available worldwide.

Regardless of origin or color, rice is an excellent addition to your diet. As a low-fat source of carbohydrates, it provides essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids; plus, it’s gluten-free. Unmilled rice, such as brown rice, is also high in fiber. ..”


-Sticky Rice w/coconut




-Sticky “purple” rice

Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk from

3 cups of sweet rice
1/3 cup of black rice
14 oz can of coconut milk

how to make sticky rice – me so hungry, from

I made this blog today (Saturday, February 13th 2016) just for a friend (Scottie in Alexandria, MN) that requested the sticky rice recipe.




There are actually different kinds of “white” rice too..

All About White Rice (Plus How to Cook it 3 Ways!)
“…Arborio is a flat, short-grain Italian rice that is used in risotto. And the short grain is part of what makes risotto so creamy and comforting. Basmati is a long-grain fragrant Indian rice that is good in stuff like our Coconut Rice. Jasmine rice is similar to basmati rice, but it’s grown in Thailand, has a shorter grain, and is cheaper…”

Make Perfect White Rice on the Stovetop

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What’s your favorite type of rice?

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